Does Tea Tree Oil Help Bacterial Vaginosis

Sometimes it can be hard to filter out the valuable information about home remedies from all the hype and misinformation spread around the internet. Boards can be a great place to get feedback from a lot of people but you do have to be careful which advice you heed. I have recently seen woman asking, “Does TTO help bacterial vaginosis?” I wanted to post about this because I also see woman asking questions like, “Does TTO really work… or is that all bologna/hogwash/hype?” People seem to want to know if it is true or not.

Mother Nature gives us all sorts of plants with natural healing powers. There are many still waiting to be discovered while others were discovered centuries ago by the people living in the area where the plant was originally found. Usually, they discover the healing powers by accident. This was probably true of TTO since the indigenous people talk about this in their legends that have been passed down through the generations. They talk of bathing in bodies of water turned brown by the tea tree branches and leaves that have fallen into the water. They talk about the magical healing powers of this brown water. They talk about how soaking in this water could cure wounds and skin rashes. Although we’ll never know exactly how they first noticed the curative powers of the tea tree, it isn’t hard to imagine them bathing in the water and noticing that their wound and skin rashes healed up faster when the water had turned brown from this tree!

Fast forward to to the modern world with boxes of natural remedies on the shelves of drug stores and department stores. The healing properties of TTO was rediscovered about a hundred years ago and published in a scientific paper. Since then, we have been honing the tea tre oil techniques used to cure bacterial vaginosis, cuts, dandruff, and a host of other relatively human ailments that are best cured at home.

Using TTO for BV is a reliable way to cure a BV infection that has gotten so out of hand, you have symptoms like a funny odor and itchiness. You can douche with TTO to cure BV or you can use TTO suppositories to cure BV. Either method works well and you usually only have to repeated it once or twice for it to work long term. Of course, you should also eat healthy food with probiotics and eliminate sugar at the same time.

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